Step into a world of Battle Alliance, where we blend the nostalgia of retro gaming with the artistry of hand-drawn designs and state-of-the-art technologies.

The early access beta for Battle Alliance is scheduled for December 23rd.

To commence, we’re launching a single-player version of the game on all platforms—mobile and PC. The Android and PC versions will be available first, followed shortly by the iOS version. Currently, we’re in the process of submitting the game to various markets.

While initially conceived as a multiplayer PvP game, the single-player mode provides an excellent opportunity for players to preview our offerings and engage the community in shaping the game’s future through their suggestions. Developed using the Unreal Engine, the game will be compatible with multiple platforms and features multiplayer and idle play.

The initial tests for the multiplayer segment of the game are set for January, exclusively for Battle Pass and BattleApes Reborn NFT owners. The full game release, with Multiplayer and Idle play, is scheduled for February 2024.

Players can use earned in-game points to acquire tanks for battlefield dominance against other players and use them to play in Battle Alliance Galaxy. Any points left unused will be converted into tokens within the Battle Alliance system, with the release expected in Q1.

Battle Alliance Galaxy is envisioned as an interactive 3D experience across planets and an additional game within the system. By unlocking and minting tanks from the game, players gain access to planets, extra benefits like token airdrops, ICO participation, and the opportunity to play mini-games for special rewards.

We’re building more than just a game, and all our NFTs will be usable in multiple games.

In the Battle Alliance game, we combine retro gaming with blockchain innovation, creating captivating gameplay powered by Unreal Engine. Our focus is on delivering engaging, soul-enriching entertainment. The single-player beta is in its final testing phase, with PVP multiplayer testing coming soon, along with cross-chain capability.

It’s worth mentioning that we’re currently working on a mobile version of the game, designed for both Android and iOS platforms.

Synth City

A high-quality city builder with a focus on in-game economy.

Featuring 3D isometric graphics, 360-degree rotation, Neon bloom Cyberpunk look, and a plethora of buildings! We’ve touched on native VR support.
Picture this: You’ve crafted your own Synth City, bustling with prosperity and contentment. You glide above it in your spaceship, marveling at your creation. You’ll need VR headset for the complete experience but you can grasp our vision!

We are bringing to life an original city-builder on the Cardano blockchain using Unreal Engine, developed by senior game developers in partnership with Hoarder’s Collections and Battle Alliance.

Featuring 3D isometric design, full 360-degree rotation, Cyberpunk ambiance, VR and mobile support, and a range of buildings with a focus on in-game economics.

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